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2020: This is only a test

Contents: Up next in DecemberLittle Bellas Photo ContestBest of InstagramSponsor NewsJoke Corner"How to" with our pros

We’ve all had one: a silly crash. No matter how unpreventable we think they are, in hindsight we rarely ever see it coming. Accepting the consequences doesn’t mean we surrender, instead we adapt and plan for a different outcome next time.

We sure didn’t see 2020 coming the way it did but this year blindsided us in positively unexpected ways too, like mentors who selflessly gave 100% of their time when and where they could in many of our programs, more new friendships than in previous years because the girls were so excited to interact with each other*, and a uniquely Little Bellas curriculum that was adapted to mandatory health guidelines.

Mentors held themselves accountable to be present and they took personal responsibility for the success of their respective programs; program participants were thrilled to be in contact with their peers; and new activities merged Little Bellas’ focus on fun with state health guidelines to create a safe experience centered on sportive play.

Some of the adaptive solutions that Little Bellas implemented included placing flags 6’ apart to develop effective social distancing games; girls were assigned to groups and remained with their group throughout the program to reduce exposure; and bad weather was reason to cancel a camp session event rather than risk exposure by heading inside.

Little Bellas was able to run half of its scheduled programs in 2020 but that also meant that half of its programs were cancelled. The health and welfare of every Little Bella commanded the decision to either run a program this year or not, and it was never an easy decision to make.

Our eyes are on the future to see how we can make sure that any 2021 Little Bellas programs that can run will take place safely. We’ll have some good news too once we’re able to announce the new chapters for 2021. Meanwhile thank you for your trust and support, it is because of you that we are able to get more girls on bikes!

Up next in December
  • New chapter announcements will start as we head into the holiday season
  • Little Bellas annual board meeting
Say eggplant! (or orange, or kimchi...or cheese)
Little Bellas Photo Contest

We're looking for those iconic Little Bellas moments you have stored deep in your photo files. Send us your top 3 photos for the chance to WIN a Little Bellas travel mug! More info here!

Best of Instagram: Here's what you liked most

1. Racism has no place on our trails – or on any trail.
2. That Friday feeling
Little Bellas clearning a wooden bridge
3. Sending it

Joke corner: Hardy har, can I have another?

Our volunteer mentors love to joke around! These came from Kathryn, our long-time mentor for our Sea Otter Classic camp, thanks Kathryn!

Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl in the bathroom?
Because the p is silent

Silly-looking duckWhy do ducks have feathers?
To cover their butt-quacks

What did the mama buffalo say when her child left for school?
Bi-son!How do you make a tissue dance?
Put a little boogie in it.

How do you make an octopus laugh?Laughing octopus
With ten-Tickels

What do you call a T-rex with bad eyesight?
A do-you-think-he-sarus

Why can't you run in campgrounds?
You can only RAN because it's past tents

We believe that actions done in service to others promote a greater wellbeing for all. We are so proud of our sponsors who took the following actions to spread wellbeing during these unprecedented times:

Camelbak logoCamelBak – Launched its new “GiveBak” program in April with a goal to give away 10,000 Eddy+ style bottles to healthcare workers and others in need during the COVID-19 fight. CamelBak met its goal in June.

Clif Kid logoClif Bar – Pledged 14 million CLIF, LUNA, and CLIF Kid Bars to help feed the fight for frontline healthcare workers, first responders and families in need.

LL Bean LogoLL Bean – Partnered with Maine’s largest food bank to sort and package food in boxes that got shipped to food pantries in all 16 counties. LL Bean employees pitched in to help sort and package while the company’s massive shipping hub assisted with distribution.

"How to" with our Pro Ambassadors

Even when our Pro Ambassadors are off their bikes (like during a lockdown), they don't slow down. Here they lent their skills as scientists, cooks, and creators to our "How to" video series, check it out!
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