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Sea Otter Camp: Saturday and Sunday

Sea Otter Day 2- Saturday

Saturday at Sea Otter could easily be considered one of the busiest days in the cycling industry.  On no other day during the year are there cyclists gathered from every discipline, racing every kind of race imaginable.  Even during this busy schedule, the crew at Specialized manages to take the time to give the girls a full tour of the pro trailer and help them learn all the parts of a bike.

After riding and fueling, we watch some of the fastest women and men start the Sea Otter XC race.  We followed this up with a tour of the venue on a scavenger hunt.  Our scavenger hunt is thorough and fun.  Every girl has to try every bouncy house available, make a Specialized S with just their bodies, and get as many stickers pro signatures as humanly possible.  This year, one of our top supporters, G-Form, surprised the Little Bellas with special G-Form/Little Bellas bags.  Thank goodness because the girls scored a lot of schwag during the scavenger hunt.  The Little Bellas were completely excited by this sweet, surprise gift.  Not only is G-Form keeping Little Bellas limbs, knees, and elbows protected while they learn how to ride, they are also stoking out the girls.  Thanks G-Form!

By the afternoon, we had girls making huge improvements in their riding.  We conquered single track in the sunshine!

 Sea Otter Day 3-

What a camp!  We had so much fun with these California Little Bellas.  In addition, the VT mentors got to know our new CA mentors.  I’m happy to report that our California crew is equally a goofy, fun, and inspiring as our ladies in Vermont.

Today, we focused on rounding out the skills that we have worked on the previous two days, building on that confidence that has already started to grow from Day 1 and Day 2.  We have a short day where we get to meet and watch a few of the downhill women and go for longer rides.

We really focus on ending the weekend with clean bikes.  Pro Gold Lubrication is providing all the girls with product to make that happen.   We make sure every girl leaves with a clean and lubed chain.  Some these Little Bellas may be eight years old, but their technical knowledge can’t be underestimated.  They did great.


From there, the mentors packed up all the tents, hardware, and bikes, returned them to Specialized or readied them for travel.  We hopped in our rental to catch a red-eye back to VT.  Come Monday morning, the mentors return back to their day jobs.  For me, our California coordinator, Brianne Spreirsch, and I will be planning for the launch of our CA Sunday Program.


Til then,